The Complete Surfing Guide For Coaches Book

(This book first appeared in print in 1977)


This is my original surf coach book written to help surf coaches involved with the first officially recognized high school surfing league in the US, the Huntington Beach Union High School District's "Sunset League". It is also the book still used by surf coaches and high school or college instructors all over the world. I founded the city's first surf club at Edison High School and founded and was Huntington Beach High School's first surf coach.

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Also take a look at my "Huntington Beach Memories" Giant Surfing CD Available ONLY through Mirror Image - Plenty of surf information not available anywhere else on the Intenet including historical video footage of the very first 3' 10" surfboard from 1968 and David Nuuhiwa holding and riding his very first "Fish" type board in 1969. So much info that you can't go wrong for the price. Worth taking a look. To order the full version of this book hardcopy or the CD (book included on the CD as well) click HERE

I currently endorse and ride a Walden Magic Model shaped by my old friend Steve Walden and am a member of the Greek's Surf Inc. Turbo Tunnel Performance Team. I also endorse and use the PaddleAir to releave back pain.

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