The Complete Surfing Guide for Coaches

Including Historical Notes

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Bruce C. Gabrielson, PhD
The Original Huntington Beach "Snake"
Founder of US High School Surfing

This book averages over 1000 hits per week. It was placed on the web in January 1994 and linked to my surf page, the web's first surfing site. It has been upgraded based on newer Internet technologies.

This book is copyrighted (1977 hardcopy, 1995 Web version) but portions may be used so long as it is referenced somewhere in your text. All surfing pictures herein are of myself. Click to get to my Snake's Home Page which has pictures, special links, other articles I have written, and HERE for my Nenories CD or an autographed printed soft copy of this book (better pictures and the signature page from the "Declaration" appendix) plus other things of interest to surfers.


This book was started in 1971 and the initial version finalized in 1977. It was initially printed by the Huntington Beach News, George Farquar Publishing. George was a close friend of mine years back. The book was intended primarily for new surfing coaches in Southern California who needed a more in depth background in order to run their high school surfing programs. I was a frequent visitor and speaker at local schools during this period, stimulating interest in surfing, showing films, and distributing the book where I could.

My book was never widely read outside of Southern California, primarily because the coaching audience at that time was so small, and because most publishers wanted books with lots of pictures rather than information. I updated the book about 1983, but didn't republish since I still didn't think there was a large enough audience to generate wide interest.

In 1990, at the request of the International Surfing Museum in Huntington Beach, and with the help of Chuck Linnen, I formalized the sections on how the high school and college surfing programs

Since the material contained herein is still oriented towards "old time " surfers, coaches and young surfers who want to build their own boards, it will never be a general audience type book. Therefore, I have given this book to the world. It contains not only some useful surfing information, but also a certain amount of history that might otherwise have become lost over time. My background covers a wide area of surfing, from the early longboard years through the short board revolution, from big time contest competition and judging, to the establishment of college and high school surfing programs, and from the perspective of a surfboard shaper, glasser, manufacturer, and long time president of Huntington Beach Surfing Association.

I quit local contest surfing in 1986 after over 20 years worth of weekend competitions. I still judge once in awhile, mostly at the ECSC in Virginia. I live in Chesapeake Beach, Maryland near Washington DC. I married Kim Way, daughter of Huntington's retired Beach Director, Jim Way. and no longer have any involvement in surfing's contest organizational structure. I still actively support both Surfrider and the National Surf Instructors and coaches Association. For surfing, I ride mostly longboards. I usually surf near 39th Street in Ocean City and at the Indian River Inlet.

I appreciate all comments and/or suggestions you have for this book. e-mail your comments to me at I also take exception to the comments I've heard over the years that someone else claims responsibility for the first high school surfing organization in the US (Huntington Beach). Not so. Huntington's team, and the HBHS District Surfing League, which I founded, were the first officially sanctioned and recognized varsity high school surf team and surfing league in the U.S.

This book was last upgraded January, 1996 to spilt Chapter 6 so the web version would load easier.

Bruce Gabrielson, PhD
The Original Huntington Beach "Snake"
**Founder of Organized US High School Surfing**

The Complete Surfing Guide for Coaches

Table of Contents

  1. How Organized School Surfing Started
  2. Surf Team Coaching
  3. Judging Contests
  4. Learning to Surf
  5. Shaping Surfboards
  6. Board Glassing
  7. Surfboard Repairs

    Historical Reference A

    Surfing's "Declaration of Independence"

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